New Patch Notes 1.8.44 (12/19/2023)

December 21, 2023
Mobile Legends
New Patch Notes 1.8.44 (12/19/2023)
Patch Notes 1.8.44
 New Patch Notes 1.8.44 (12/19/2023)

Author: Benidiktus Himang

Announcement from Mobile Legends ~ On December 19, 2023

From The Designers

In this update, we are continuing to optimize and upgrade many long-debuted heroes' gameplay. Meanwhile, we're focusing on the Fighter experience in Exp Lane. 

We want to see more actions in all the lanes during the laning phase and allow players to decide on their own whether to join a teamfight for the Turtle. 

Therefore, armed Fighters and sustainable Tanks will have revamped War Axe and Brute Force Breastplate as their core builds. 

While War Axe provides sufficient True Damage, Brute Force Breastplate ensures balanced attack and defense. Hopefully, the revamped equipment will bring a fresh vibe to the Fighter experience in-game.

I. Heroes

[New Hero: Cici, Buoyant Performer] Hero Feature: A cheerful performer who spreads fun and wonderment wherever she goes.

[Hero Adjustments]

[ (↑) Buff; (~) adjustments; (↓) Nerf; ]

The following heroes have been adjusted in this patch: Vexana (↑), Nana (↑), Balmond (↑), Vale (↑), Dyrroth (↑), Barats (↑), Alice (↑), Lunox (↑), Selena (↑), Lancelot (~).

Check the Heroes - Hero Adjustments menu in-game for more info!

[Battlefield Adjustments]

  1. Reworked Equipment: [War Axe] (↑), [Brute Force Breastplate] (↑)
  2. Neutral Creature Adjustments: Rivers near [Turtles] speed up heroes. [Scavenger Crabs] are easier to kill and more rewarding.

II. New Features & Events

  1. [Ranked]: S30 will end at 23:59:59 on 12/22 (Server Time) and S31 begins at 02:00:00 on 12/23 (Server Time).
  2. [Collab Skins Return]: The KOF and Dawning Stars Collab Skin Draw Events return for a limited time, with amazing discounts on Premium Supplies!

III. Arcade Modes

  1. The new Magic Chess Ul is now available! The update includes fully revamped art and balance adjustments on Synergies, Heroes, Little Commanders, and Equipment for a whole new experience!
  2. Domination, Hyper Blend, Deathbattle, and Overdrive will be available in turn each week.

Check Events > Patch Notes in-game for more information on the update!

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