Balmond: The Bloody Beast - A Tale of Rebellion and Redemption in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

February 12, 2024
Mobile Legends
Balmond: The Bloody Beast - A Tale of Rebellion and Redemption in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Balmond Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Balmond: The Bloody Beast - A Tale of Rebellion and Redemption in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Within the epic realm of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, heroes rise to confront the darkness that threatens their world. Among these champions stands Balmond, the Bloody Beast, a fierce leader of the Orcs whose story is one of rebellion, sacrifice, and ultimately, redemption. As a pivotal figure in the ongoing conflict between Orcs and Demons, Balmond's journey is both tragic and inspiring, showcasing the complexities of loyalty, power, and the pursuit of freedom.

The Rise of Balmond:

Balmond's tale begins amidst the rugged landscapes of the Roaring Wilderness, where he was born into a traditional Orc tribe. From a young age, he was groomed by his father to become a formidable warrior and a future leader of their people. As the demons encroached upon their territory, Balmond witnessed firsthand the brutality inflicted upon his kin, fueling his desire to reclaim the Orcs' lost glory and freedom.

The Orc Rebellion:

When the demons' oppression became unbearable, Balmond took matters into his own hands, leading his clan in a daring rebellion against their oppressors. With strategic prowess and unmatched determination, he rallied the scattered Orc tribes to unite under a common cause. Together, they waged a relentless war against the demon forces, striking fear into the hearts of their enemies and reclaiming their dignity as a proud race.

The Transformation:

In a pivotal battle against overwhelming odds, Balmond's fate took a dark turn. In a moment of desperation, he consumed the blood of a powerful Blood Demon, unleashing a primal rage and tapping into unimaginable power. Transformed by the demonic energy coursing through his veins, Balmond became a fearsome force of destruction, carving a path of carnage through the enemy ranks.

The Pact with the Abyss:

Amidst the chaos of war, Balmond caught the attention of Alice, a cunning agent of the Abyss. Recognizing his potential as a valuable ally, she offered him a tempting proposition: in exchange for his loyalty to the demons, the Orcs would be granted dominion over the Roaring Wilderness once more. Driven by his desire to secure the future of his people, Balmond reluctantly accepted the pact, leading his forces into the service of the Abyss.

Redemption and Renewal:

Yet, beneath the surface of his allegiance to the demons, Balmond harbored a deeper plan. With cunning and patience, he bided his time, secretly plotting to use the demons' own power against them. As the tides of war shifted and alliances were forged, Balmond seized the opportunity to turn the tables on his former masters. With the Orcs united and their strength revitalized, he set his sights on a new goal: the revival of their ancient kingdom and the restoration of their rightful place in the world.


Balmond's journey from rebel leader to reluctant servant and ultimately, to triumphant liberator, exemplifies the complexities of heroism and the enduring spirit of defiance in the face of tyranny. As he continues to fight for the freedom of his people and the redemption of his own soul, Balmond stands as a testament to the indomitable will of those who dare to challenge the forces of darkness in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. 

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