Profile and Bio of Brusko, New Roamer RRQ Hoshi

February 26, 2024
Mobile Legends
Profile and Bio of Brusko, New Roamer RRQ Hoshi
Profile and Bio of Brusko, New Roamer RRQ Hoshi

Brusko: From the Philippines to the Top with RRQ Hoshi 

The Mysterious Figure that Kickstarted MPL ID

The name Brusko may still sound familiar to Mobile Legends fans in Indonesia. However, don't underestimate this young player from the Philippines. Brusko has become one of the new stars in MPL ID Season 13 after joining the giant team, RRQ Hoshi. 

Born in the Philippines, Shining in Indonesia 

Brusko, or Borris James Parro in real life, started his professional career in the Philippines with the Minana EVOS team. His outstanding skills caught the attention of RRQ Hoshi, and in December 2023, he officially became part of the "King of Kings" team.

Powerful Roamer with a Wide Hero Pool

Brusko is known as a tough and agile roamer. He is good at opening up space for his team and putting pressure on the opponent. Heroes like Khufra, Atlas, and Franco are his mainstays in shuffling the opponent's defense.

More than Just a Roamer 

Brusko's abilities aren't just limited to roaming. He also has capable macro and micro, and is able to read the game well. He often makes brilliant initiations and leads his team to victory.

Quick Adaptation and Mental Steel

Joining a big team like RRQ Hoshi certainly brings a lot of pressure. However, Brusko was able to adapt quickly and showed mental steel. He was not afraid to face senior players and always appeared full of enthusiasm in every match. 

A New Star in the Indonesian Esports Sky

Brusko is one of the shining new stars in MPL ID Season 13. His extraordinary ability and unyielding mentality led him to become one of the key players for RRQ Hoshi. 

Is Brusko ready to lead RRQ Hoshi back to glory?

Brusko Profile and Biodata: The Talented Young Roamer from the Philippines

  • Real Name: Borris James Parro
  • Nickname: Brusko, BruskoDR
  • Date of Birth: August 9, 2003
  • Age: 20 years old (as of November 14, 2023)
  • Origin: Philippines
  • Role: Roamer
  • Current Team: RRQ Hoshi
  • Instagram Account: @rrq_brusko

Career before RRQ, Brusko:

  • Started his professional career with Rated PG team in the Philippines.
  • Joined Minana Esports (now Minana EVOS) in 2023.
  • Successfully brought Minana EVOS through to MPL PH Season 11.
  • Officially joined RRQ Hoshi in December 2023.

Brusko's achievements:

  • 2nd place MDL Philippines Season 3 (with Minana Esports)

Interesting Facts about RRQ Brusko

  • Known for his ability to use Khufra and Franco heroes.
  • Has great macro and micro skills.
  • Often makes brilliant initiations and leads his team to victory.
  • Nicknamed "Baby Alien" by RRQ Hoshi fans for his aggressive and bold playstyle.

Brusko is one of the talented young players to be reckoned with in the Mobile Legends esports scene. At just 20 years old, he has shown his incredible ability and managed to break into a big team like RRQ Hoshi.

Will Brusko be able to become a new star in MPL ID Season 13 and bring RRQ Hoshi back to glory? Let's watch his journey together!

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