RRQ Skylar Profile and Biodata: The Godliner RRQ Hoshi

February 20, 2024
Mobile Legends
RRQ Skylar Profile and Biodata: The Godliner RRQ Hoshi

RRQ Skylar Profile and Biodata: The Godliner RRQ Hoshi

In the world of Mobile Legends, there is a young player who is stealing the show with his expertise in controlling matches. His name is Schevenko David Tendean, or better known by his stage name, Skylar.

The following is his profile and bio: RRQ Skylar The Godliner RRQ Hoshi

  • Full Name: Schevenko David Tendean
  • IGN: Skylar
  • Date of Birth: February 25, 2002
  • Nationality: Indonesia
  • Instagram: RRQ Skylar
  • TikTok: RRQ Skylar
  • YouTube: RRQ Skylar

Skylar is one of the talented young players who is shining in the Mobile Legends esports world.

RRQ Achievements and RRQ Skylar's Career:

RRQ Achievements:

Year 2023:

  • 3rd place M4 World Championship (S-Tier) where RRQ showed brilliant performance in this world-class competition.
  • 4th place MPL Indonesia Season 12 (A-Tier), confirming RRQ's position in the top tier of local competition.
  • 4th place in MPL Indonesia Season 11 (A-Tier), showing RRQ's consistency in national level competition.

Year 2022:

  • 2nd place MPL Indonesia Season 10 (A-Tier), illustrating RRQ's achievements that almost reached the peak this season.
  • 2nd place MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2022 (A-Tier), marking RRQ's presence on the regional stage with an impressive performance.
  • 1st place MPL Indonesia Season 9 (A-Tier), became one of the shining moments for RRQ in the history of its participation in MPL.


  • 5-6th place in M3 World Championship (S-Tier), bringing RRQ to the world tournament scene with a performance to be reckoned with.
  • 3rd-4th place ONE Esports MPL Invitational 2021 (A-Tier), emphasizing RRQ's strength at the regional level.
  • 2nd place MPL Indonesia Season 8 (A-Tier), showing RRQ's consistency at the domestic level.
  • 5-6 MPL Indonesia Season 7 (A-Tier), marking RRQ's participation in MPL competition.

RRQ Skylar's career:

Skylar made his professional debut with RRQ Sena, RRQ's MDL (Mobile Legends Development League) team, in 2020. With RRQ Sena, Skylar managed to achieve a number of achievements, including:

  • Runner-up MDL Indonesia Season 2 (2021), showing Skylar's potential as one of the young players to be reckoned with.
  • MVP Regular Season MDL Indonesia Season 2 (2021), emphasizing Skylar's contribution to his team's success.

In November 2021, Skylar was promoted to RRQ Hoshi's main team. Since joining RRQ Hoshi, Skylar has made remarkable achievements, including:

  • 1st place MPL Indonesia Season 9 (2022), being the peak moment of Skylar's career at the highest level of Mobile Legends competition in Indonesia.
  • 2nd place MPL Indonesia Season 10 (2022), emphasizing Skylar's consistency and adaptability in fierce competition.
  • Rank 3 M4 World Championship (2023), showing the toughness of RRQ Hoshi on the international stage.

Skylar is known as a very talented Goldlaner player with great micro mechanics and the ability to use marksman heroes very well. She is often referred to as "Hero Handler Beatrix" by RRQ Hoshi fans due to her aggressive and fearless playstyle.

Will Skylar be able to become a new star in MPL ID Season 13 and bring RRQ Hoshi back to glory? Let's watch her journey together!

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